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Shower Replacement Options And Tiles

Shower Replacement Costs – As the centerpiece of any bathroom, a well-functioning shower can make or break your shower’s functionality. And not just will a new shower add value to your home, but bathroom renovations made in that space of the house are definitely among the finest in terms of return on investment (ROI). Portland, OR is home to some of the nation’s finest shower replacement companies, and their ability to offer quality construction and materials means that they can offer you and your family high-quality showers. But what are some of the more popular options for replacing your old shower? Here are some of our favorites.

Wall-mounted showers are a modern option that many people prefer, particularly those with small bathrooms. These come in both self-rimming and gravity-fed varieties and are usually installed with modular walls that are cut to the floor for easy cleaning, as well as wide, flat panels to provide optimal water flow. Some wall-mounted Portland showers even feature two separate panels for greater water circulation. These types of bathroom design features leave little room for mistakes and will keep your bathroom design looking sharp for years to come.

In-ground, or above-ground, Portland Shower Replacement Pros. We love these types of showers because they provide us with a way to avoid having to deal with the complications that can come with installing an in-ground unit. Not only do we get more room, but we don’t have to worry about things like foundation problems and water leaks. The installation is a simple as well, as most Portland installers can handle most installations. This is also a great choice for someone with a pretty high budget who needs high quality and a high degree of precision.

Above-ground or mixed-flow Portland Shower Replacement Pros. These types of bathroom shower replacements are a lot less complicated than their in-ground cousins, and the installation process is usually quite straightforward as well. These types of showers are more expensive, as a result, but can be worth the extra investment if you want the features and quality that can only be found in a top-of-the-line brand name product. These showers are also great for families with kids, and the smaller footprint means less wasted space in the bathroom. They typically require a bit more labor to install than in-ground models, but this often results in a lower price tag.

Installing Shower Replacement Options. There are lots of different bathroom design options out there and one of the more popular choices these days is to replace the standard tile with something more unique and specialised. Whether it’s a marble tile surface or a custom-made glass panel, you can find an abundance of products at your local bathroom specialist retailer. If you’re replacing the tile, you may also have the opportunity to choose from a range of shower heads. Tile-on-tiled, floor-standing, and even overhead shower heads are all available to complement the unique tile and glass look of a classic Victorian or contemporary bathroom design.

Bath Liners Installation. Some people will decide to go all out and replace their entire bathroom with a new one, replacing all of the panels and all of the fixtures with something more modern and sleek. This is a lot more expensive than simply replacing the tiles, and the bath liners and showers are also going to be more noticeable, as the walls and floors will be completely smooth. Bath liners can be installed in-place of tiles too, but they’re not something you’re going to want to do unless you’re absolutely confident about the work you’re doing. Fortunately, bath liners are widely available and the process isn’t all that difficult, making it a great option for people who want a touch of luxury with a modern feel.