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Home Improvement – Custom Closet Systems

Closets can be an effective way to keep clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items. There are a multitude of uses for a closet. A closet can be used to store excess items or make room in a larger closet. A custom closet adds storage to an existing space and gives a designer edge. Closets come in many styles, shapes, and sizes to fit a variety of budgets. The following are six ways custom closets benefit:

Extra Shelves: Used for extra storage Gain more shelves, pull-out drawers, and hooks. Piled on top to appear just like any other boutique. Increases the overall storage capacity of a room. Choose your finish, embellish, and embellish.

View Details: Create a custom closet that showcases your interior design. You can use standard hardware to add a creative flair. Or you could go with a custom drawer pulls and hardware. There are many different finishes for pulls including brass, chrome, nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, satin nickel, antique bronze, copper, silver, brass, and gold. You can choose finishes for drawers in cherry, ebony, black, white, beige, and other wood finishes.

Solid Surface: Built to last and strong Durability is key when choosing a storage system. Custom closet shelving offers solid surfaces in a variety of sizes to compliment your needs. An epoxy-bonded steel frame is built to last and offers the durability of a metal closet shelving unit, but weighs half as much. The shelves are made from heavy-duty plastic, durable wire, or strong paperboard covered in a powder coat. They are an excellent choice for any room in the home.

Lighting: Enhancing a room with custom lighting is a great way to improve the appearance while offering functional benefits too. We have found one of our clients who loves their closet and all of the little things, so they decided to do an update with new hardware and new custom pulls with a brushed finish. The end result: a pull-out shelf that’s not only functional, but adds to the decor of the room while highlighting the beauty of the room’s interior design. Some of the finishes available include matte, sandstone, brushed nickel, brushed aluminum, classic black, and polished chrome.

Closet shelving offers many benefits that contribute to improving your home’s value. Not only can custom closet systems add value to your home, but they’re also practical. Installing custom shelves can add more storage space to your home, or provide extra room for gifts or other items you’d like to keep close at hand. For the winter or rainy days, adding extra under-cabinet storage or sliding glass shelves to the closet will ensure there’s no leaking. And for that messy, dark corner of the closet, pull-out shelves are an ideal solution. For more details on closet making visit